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About Us


Kay (UK) Engineers Ltd was founded in 1998 and incorporated as a limited company on the 12th of November 1998 with a view to developing and exploiting engineering ideas in valve engineering and methods for machinery and equipment.

Although small in size Kay (UK) Engineers Ltd represents a comprehensive, vertically integrated engineering enterprise, comprising:  Sales and Marketing, Design and Development, Production, etc. for the Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Fine Chemical Industries.

 The gradual growth of the company has depended upon the development and perfection of valve products, and high shear mixers as the primary products, due to over 40 years experience.  All aspects of operation are supported by extensive and up to date information technology systems.

The company is supported by its ethos of engineering excellence and great attention to customers needs and also has environmental test facilities for all its products.

Kay (UK) operates substantial Quality Management, Safety and Environmental Protection Systems and is a full member of the BVAMA and Guild of Master Craftsmen.



Kay (UK) Engineers Ltd are manufacturers of Hygienic Valves and other special purpose ancillary valves for a wide range of compressed air, steam, powders and liquid applications.

Kay (UK) Engineers Ltd has a range of special mixing devices for doughs, powders and liquids including High Flow Shear Mixers, Homogenisers, Z Blade Mixers scraped wall vessel, New rapid cooling concepts.

The Company provides reconditioning and maintenance services, as well as a design advisory service - to develop or adapt individual products to new applications in the industry field.  The Company provides Drawing Office and specification services, for cataloguing purposes, to classifying and other authorities where required.   The Company also provides engineering services for the installation of its products.

In particular, this may concern the specification, installation, operation and maintenance of valves, for instance in the light of the requirements of the European Pressure Systems Directive.



Our equipment has been used in a variety of industrial applications, but the four main areas can be divided as follows:


Throughout the years we have supplied specialised equipment for many of the major food industries in the UK.  Our multi-purpose Overmix vessels have been used by Hazelwoods, Northern Foods, Campbells, Geest, Ginsters and Croda, as well as Ethnic Food companies such as Pataks and Nazires.


Many of our mixing equipment is ideal for the processing of delicate substances, such as those used in the cosmetics industry.  We designed, constructed and maintained a complete manufacturing plant for the production of perfumes, creams and lipsticks for Constance Carrol Cosmetics Ltd.


Many of our projects are carried out on an international scale.  One such undertaking involved the design and construction of a specialised processing installation for the Hong Kong government Department of Health.  The equipment was developed for the production of creams, oral medicines and ointments.

Fine Chemicals

We have also completed project development work and mixers for I.M.I. Beechams, Glaxo and many more.