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Product Information

Kay (UK) Engineers Ltd.

Product Information.

Here are some of the range of equipment our company now manufacture for the Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, and Fine Chemical Industries.

Our vessels vary from the simple unheated to jacketed and heated types with the option of facility for vacuum or pressurization, likewise we can provide a comprehensive choice of mixers from simple paddle types to more complex high shear, multi speed homogenisers. In addition we do re-furbished used plant and modify it to customer's individual requirements.

We are probably the leading UK Food Process Plant manufacturing company in respect of innovative creation and design, scoring a number of 'Firsts' :-


Scraped wall cooking or cooling vessels (Fold over action) the 'OVERMIX' scraped wall cooking vessel, pressure vacuum, for thermal oil or steam heating, ideal for pressure sensitive products, and to turn over the product whilst cooking without seals or bearings being in contact with the product. Also, the stirrer can be removed from the vessel manually, or automatically by hydraulic or pneumatic control.


Scraped wall rapid cooling vessel (95ºC to 5ºC in approx 40 mins).


'Stir Fry Brat Pan. The 'MERLIN' automatic programmable Stir Fry Brat Pan, which is gas fired with safe thermal oil interface.


Z Blade Mixer. We would advise that we have acquired the Manufacturing facilities for the Vickers Worsaam 'Z' Blade Mixer, widely used for dough and pastes. Having introduced modern technology to cater for modern uses, this becomes our new 'EUROMIX' development, being one of only two 'Z' Blade Mixers manufactured in the U.K.


Specifically designed for introducing powders to liquids and can be bottom or top entry.