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Chemplant Stainless Ltd was originally based at Rickmansworth, Herts where it had traded successfully for 25 years. In late '95' the companies Fairfield Dalton and Fairfield Hytec were merged with chemplant to increase the range of pharmaceutical equipment thus creating more business opportunities over a wider band of activities. All three companies now operate together under Kay (UK) engineers Ltd. We now specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of new and reworked process plant for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. As a result we have now expanded to two sites in the north west of England. our head offices and our manufacturing depot where strict quality procedures are used in the design and manufacture of all our equipment.

Over the past 40 years of trading we have taken on a number of projects where standard equipment could not offer the highest degree of productivity. To complete these tasks we have designed specialised equipment unique to our company which offer a level of service beyond the conventional, and now having covered some international turnkey work we are looking forward to continuous upgrading on all fronts.

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