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Multi High Shear Mixer

A high flow/shear mixer in 316 grade stainless steel can make a valuable addition to many of our vessels, to increase their versatility further. It is ideal for rapidly introducing and dispersing starches or powders to liquids, via high flow stage. A further stage allows shearing or solubilising and homogenising.

Mixtures of high viscosity are within scope of the disperser, a modified version is supplied for this purpose.

. Incorporating upgraded 'ARGUS 55' Aluminium framed, general purpose motors or stainless steel motors on request

. Advanced Epoxy Paint, Food Quality finish to BS4800 20D4S

. Stainless Steel mixer contact parts

. Suitable for use in dusty or high humidity conditions (up to 95%) or where regular hosing takes place

. Noise level not exceeding 8ldBA

. Two Speed plus forward and reverse

. Mounting flange with quick release 'bolts'

. Suspension or Carrying Hoop

. Fitted Shaft seals for C.I.P. duties

. Easily removable for use in other vessels

High shear mixers are designed for rapid and simultaneous absorption of solids into liquids, to give a completely homogeneous product.

They can be used for emulsifying, dispersing and homogenising of liquids, gels, gums, pastes, resins, oils, creams, lotions and many other products. A high shear mixer can make a valuable addition to any vessel, to improve its versatillity further.

On mixtures that possess full or partial flow properties, the following applications are supported:








.Reaction accelerating

.Agglomerate reduction

.Homogenising milling


.Combined pumping and mixing